Thursday, October 8, 2009

2nd Audition

2nd Call for Participation for Performance for Ice Gate at the Seaside Center in Sechelt.

A glorious day with tons of sunshine.

Jean Pierre Makosso opened the audition with a rousing five minutes of new choreography and that great African music for the hot sun outside.

I tried my best with the camera, but ran out of juice after Maggie’s dance.

Gerardo got the most laughs and Brittany the largest number of sign-ups for Hip Hop. We added 41 dancers!

Thanks to The Coast Reporter for getting the word out.

Still, we need more for African Dance and Mime Dance – and we need guys. Where are those strong guys from the volunteer fire departments?

The RCMP? The municipal teams? Real Estate? The Band? Local shops? Where are our teams from IGA and Wheatberries?

Duane put his camera down to dance and I got a few shots from his when mine ran out.

These are the faces of our community!

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