Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maggie's Group rehearsal - fun!

Sunday's rehearsal was a big thrill for me,
Maggie reported

I was blown away about how beautiful it was, and after 8 run throughs, I was able to sit out for the last one, my heart was busting with joy, i am so lucky to work with such an amazing group.

NEXT WEEK IS BRITTANY'S first Hip Hop rehearsal. SUNDAY @ 1 PM at The Seaside Center, with a brush up session for Jean Pierre Makosso's dancers. I think the plan is: Jean Pierre's group will warm up upstairs and once they're confident, they will dance their segment for Brittany's group. And then Brittany's group will show the new steps they've just learned.

CHANGE OF VENUE & rehearsal time for November 15th: It's now at The Legion for 4pm-6pm. This is an 'all hands on deck' rehearsal - everyone should be there as we'll be putting the entire dance together.

115 days left until the Olympics. Check out the Ice Gate structure going up at Allan May's: www.theicegate.blogspot.com

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