Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st group rehearsal

We had our first rehearsal last Sunday, gathering in Frank West Hall in Gibsons.

Five minutes of music has more or less been chosen and strung together, and the choreographers meet weekly to begin their process.

At Frank West Hall, we signed up some new dancers.

Jean Pierre opened up all our hearts with his warm and vibrant opening dance.

and Maggie expertly moved us all through the exploration and suddenly the freezing and melting gestures - which is the heart of our performance - - appeared.

Brittany and Gerardo gave us physical language for the gestures we were going to have to do -- in unison.

We watched as the first steps of the dance began to take shape.


OCTOBER 11 AFRICAN DANCE GROUP ONLY at Seaside Centre, Sechelt -with Jean Pierre

OCTOBER 18 CONTEMPORARY GROUP ONLY at Seaside Centre, Sechelt - with Maggie

OCTOBER 25 HIP HOP GROUP ONLY at Seaside Centre, Sechlet - with Brittany

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