Thursday, October 8, 2009


Saturday, September 12th. Gibsons.

A large rehearsal hall at St. Mary's church. Sun outside like summer, but it’s fall and there’s promise in the middle of this hot day. We’ve gathered to see and be seen at The Call for Participation: Performance for Ice Gate.

Duane shows up, tall, with camera and that everlasting smile.

We gather. He shoots. Maggie shows a poster of the fabulous artwork and I do a short intro (Google “T-Mobile dance, London’ to see our initial inspiration for the dance). Now it's time for the choreographers.

Jean Pierre opens the dance with his infectious grin and a great beat. We’re taking a shower and swimming, (?) and the next thing - we’re all dancing.

Then, it’s Maggi, walking us through her routine; kicks and pivot turns to Move it, Move it! ending with our arms in the air as if we had just gotten a medal.

Brittany is next, looking cutting edge in her kakhi green hat; of course her dance is Hip Hop and I can’t keep up, but by the end of this process, by February, by the time we’re a community of well-rehearsed dancers strutting our stuff for The Olympics, I will have mastered it.

Gerardo makes us giggle with the next-hottest-trend, Mime Dance. We climb a ladder, pull on a rope, end with laughter and applause. We’re hooked.

Next Sunday we’ll meet at The Seaside Center at 1 PM to meet more dancers - from our community. That means you - be there.

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The Ice Painting Project Society hosted the first Call for Participation for Performance for Ice Gate, Saturday, September 12th at St. Mary’s Catholic Church auditorium in Gibsons. About twenty five members of the public attended, with more than fifteen signing up. Several took away forms to attract team and family teams, which are available at a discount. Others vowed to return with friends and recruits in tow to the next meeting: Sunday September 20th at 1 PM at Seaside Centre in Sechelt.

Four featured choreographers introduced their routines to an audience of all ages: parents, teens, youngsters and single dancers. Caitlin Hicks made a short welcome and introduction, and Jean Pierre Makosso began the demonstration with five minutes of warm-up, African dance-style. Next Maggi Guzzi danced her choreographed steps to Move it! Move it!, leading experienced and novice dancers alike in a simple, contemporary-style dance. Brittany Robertson followed with basic hip-hop moves and Gerardo Avila taught Mime Dance. Enthusiastic applause followed every segment.

Between now and the opening of The Olympic Torch Relay on February 4th, each choreographer will teach their group of dancers one short dance. All four dances will be orchestrated together into one seamless piece, punctuated by melting and freezing gestures. An opening and closing section will be performed by all participants.

Rehearsals begin in October on Sunday afternoons and continue through November, when the dance will be performed for the Sechelt Torch Relay committee. No rehearsals will be held for the month of December, with a schedule to be announced in January, 2010.

The Ice Painting Project Society is a non-profit society hosting the event, and encourages everyone -- even if you’ve never danced before -- to join the fun. Google “Ice Gate 2010 Facebook” to be connected to the Facebook page, and follow the blog at

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