Thursday, December 3, 2009

In your words

It's simply FUN!!!

Toni Stevens Ph.D., R.Psych.
Clinical Psychologist

In the midst of our beautiful summer after bashing the ball around on the courts Gordon's dream was presented to a few of us at the Black Fish Pub. WOW the Olympics so far away Feb 2010!? It stuck in my head and today with 60 familiar faces, we were doing it.

Bringing pride in our community and creating an event that will last in our hearts forever. What a beautiful gift and an honor to take part in.

The Sunshine Coast is a very special place to live and in a few months the world will know why.... We are a community! Individuals are celebrated and have freedom to be who and what they are and when brought together a rhythm like that of a heart, thriving strong powerful. There is no place like the Sunshine Coast.

Perhaps a little over the top but I mean every word.

Lindsay Hatloe

I look forward to the ICE GATE dance sessions every Sunday. There is a great feeling of community, creativity and spirit. I am not a dancer and only joined up (with my daughter) for the fun and excitment of it all. I LOVE every moment of it. And this is just the rehearsals, I can hardly wait for the real thing. It is experiences like this that make everlasting memories of which we will talk about for many years. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

Sherryl Latimer

Thanks for motivating me to put some of my experiences into words. I really am grateful to the choreographers for working with us. They have all been fantastic.

I've enjoyed every moment of our Ice Gate rehearsals. We've done warm-ups and improvs together and opened ourselves up to new experiences. We've watched each other get better and better at the dances. Most of all it makes me very happy to learn that I can trust so many people in my community to come together to create something new that would not exist without all of us, and I am a part of it - yeah!


Kathleen Vance,
Communication Department

British Columbia Institute of Technology

More comments and photos to come. And if you haven't chimed in about your experiences here, please do so! Contact me at If you have a photo, send that too. I'll try to post as many as I can!

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