Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last rehearsal for 2009

Most of the birds have flown south; all the leaves sprinkled on the soaking ground. The day was going to be short, dark at 4 pm. Another Sunday afternoon, late fall. We headed up the The Seaside Center to have a look at the final rehearsal for 2009.

The positive energy in the room was contagious – Maggie called everyone to attention; Gerardo pushed the button on the small portable sound system with his white glove. The dance unfolded in different sections of the room.

I’d seen the dance before, was familiar with the steps, heard the music, recognized the faces – but when the music began and the dance unfolded before me, I was overwhelmed.

Gord perched on the steps overlooking the room, his director-mind taking notes

Especially wonderful were the moments when each piece of choreography came crisply to focus – when everyone was in sync.

The ending was like a breath – the whole group - everyone connected and moving in unison – very powerful.

Susan Brinton stood at the window in the back, getting it all down on tape for COAST CABLE TV

And then she interviewed all the choreographers.

I'd love to hear your comments on the experience so far. If you have photos taken by family or friends, please send to me at, I'll post them here with your comments.

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  1. Quite inspiring to see the wide range of ages and styles - all pumped and fluid - moving in rhythm with the music! I felt the energy:)