Friday, November 6, 2009


An enthusiastic group of MIME dancers met last Sunday with Gerardo Avila from 1 - 3 pm for a first rehearsal. How does he make it look so . . . crisp? So exact? So easy?

This coming Sunday, November 8th, the entire group will gather for the first time to string all the dance pieces together and dance the entire 5 minutes. Gord will be there at the Seaside Center @ 1 pm to see the dance-in-progress. Duane managed to upload the music for dancers who wanted a copy - but we had to remove it because we weren't licensed to allow free downloading from the internet. Thank you, Duane!

If you've had any experience dancing, we you could still learn the steps - and perfect them in time to dance the dance. Contact Shelley Harrison Rae (604) 989-0089 if you still want to participate!

Photos by Shelley Harrison-Rae

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