Sunday, December 6, 2009

In your words, more

The journey in being a part of this fantastic ice dance group has given me a real sense of connection to both Gordon Halloran's project and the 2010 Olympics, along with enormous pride for my beautiful province! Wendy Hansen

exciting to see how it is all coming together/chaos evolving into syncopation. wonderful to have such a cross section of the community (men women and children) joining together to dance...even those of us who have never danced before - Shelley Harrison Rae

My kiddies and I have really enjoyed being part of this whole experience, and we thank you for that. I love how this opportunity to bring friends, families and communtity together in a collaboration like this is very much what the Sunshine Coast is all about. I was just commenting to Maggie today that I can't wait to see Gordon's ice painting in person! -Rosalind Hansen

The big thing for me has been the mix of people, all enjoying dance in different ways, and the hospitable / welcoming atmosphere. The experience also means that there are now 20/30 people on the Coast who I'd otherwise never know, and who I will enjoy bumping into or just passing by and smiling. Learning to dance is not easy, but the difficulties actually help to form supportive friendships --- if we were all good dancers, there'd be no need to reach out or offer a smile! -David Kipling, Gibsons

The process so far has given me such joy! Working with such an amazing team, Gord, Caitlyn, Shelley, Brittany, Gerardo, Jean-Pierre and all of the fabulous dancers, thankyou for this truly uplifting experience. Next time we meet we will kick it up a notch! -Maggie

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We hosted the AGM for the Ice Painting Project Society last night in Roberts Creek. Fish Tacos, chilequiles, Schmirler Toss, chocolate truffles, crab quiche, artichoke dip . . . and too much laughing! We are looking for members of the society, especially if you liked the event - join the society to help bring more of these arts-experiences to our community. Here's the group:

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